Our philosophy

Fair Trade Standards

Fair working conditions are essential at the Women’s Foundation Nepal and the Maheela production center. This means we have social standards regarding fair payment and working hours. We guarantee that everyone who works for us receives a fair wage and works reasonable hours. Any profits made by the cooperative are shared with the employees and used to fund WFN projects. We ensure that our profits are reinvested into social projects delivered by the WFN that encourage the empowerment and development of the women of Nepal. 

We mainly employ women in need to support economic self-sufficiency. We follow a non-discrimination policy as to caste, national origin, religion, special needs, gender, sexual orientation, union membership, political participation, health status or age. It is self-evident that we – as part of the Women’s Foundation Nepal – work against child labour and forced labour.

The safety and health of our workers is our priority and we constantly strive to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for our employees. We also provide free childcare centre that provides a safe environment for the women’s children whilst they are working.

We are aware of the many environmental issues and the importance of sustainable behaviour. Therefore within the scope of our possibilities, we try to make use of organic and sustainable materials like the raw materials, the colors and the packaging as much as possible. 

Through our actions, we are not only supporting the social situation of our people working for the WFN and the Maheela production sites, we are also implementing a social impact for the whole Nepali community through sustainable actions, education and skills training, and for global social justice by raising awareness about social matters.


We are thankful for the trust of our international long-term customers and partners who support us and our actions by purchasing our products. We take pride in our work and ensure that every product is manufactured to the highest level of quality.
After many steps in the production, we always have a final quality check of our products. With our standardised production and quality process and by implementing fair working conditions, we guarantee an efficient in time production to deliver high quality products to the demanded specifications.


The philosophy of Maheela Cooperative is intimately connected with the philosophy of the Women’s Foundation Nepal (WFN). Please visit the Website to learn more about WFN and their projects.