Our story

Recently, the Maheela Cooperative employed 80 women who are victims of abuse, violence or poverty. These women live at our shelter home or in the local community.  The Maheela (Nepali for women) Cooperative is a social enterprise, which provides training, jobs and fair working conditions for impoverished Nepalese women. 60% of our profits go to the Women’s Foundation Nepal (WFN) allowing them to finance projects (shelters, legal assistance, trainings, micro-credits etc) in a sustainable way. Half of the remaining profits are given to the women with the other half covering other expenses.





The Maheela Cooperative was established in 2000 and produces beautiful textiles and necklaces. The cooperative  exports to retail and wholesale customers, primarily based in Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan and the US. Visitors in Nepal can visit the production center in Kathmandu (Boudhanath) and purchase scarves and other gifts directly. Have a look at our wonderful products as we are still looking for more retail and wholesale customers to become our business partners.