Production Tour Overview

“Get an insight into traditional Nepali weaving at the Women`s Foundation. See how the women are working for independence and building a new generation based on confidence, love, a less violent and better future”

Social Tour Women´s Foundation Nepal

The Women´s Foundation Nepal (WFN) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established in 1988 by a group of Nepali women. The aim of WFN is to relieve the isolation, distress, poverty and the victimization experienced by women and children, especially the rural poor, regardless of caste, religion or race and to reintroduce them into mainstream society.

To reach this goal, the foundation has established the Maheela Textile Cooperation, which has been created to empower at-risk women by training them in traditional Nepalese textile arts so that they can support themselves and their children.

Now, you have the opportunity to gain deeper insight into the nepali culture and Women Foundation`s work. By attending one of our production tours, you do not only support the work of the women Foundation- but you may also receive a great and unique experience for life.

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