Production Tour – Half Day Program



thumb_IMG_3832_1024IMG_1354On the half-day-tour, you will have the opportunity to visit the Maheela production site and see how high-quality scarves are developed.

We will show you all the necessary steps required to produce a scarf by hand, such as dying of the yarn, spinning, weaving, fringe twisting and the final quality control (you can learn more about the production process here).

With the help of the skilled women, you will get hands-on experience in spinning and weaving on a handloom. The Maheela Textile Co-operation focuses on maintaining the traditional cultural heritage of Dhaka textile, which is a complex and time-consuming handcraft. 



thumb_IMG_9188_1024After the production tour, we will visit the WF kindergarten / daycare center, which is located nearby the production site.

This is where the women (mainly victims of abuse and single mothers) can bring their toddlers while they go to work. The establishment is very important for these women and enable them to be self-sufficient and support themselves and their children.You will have the opportunity to look behind the kindergarten gates and see the children aged 18 months – 6 years attending their classes and get an insight on the daily childcare life.

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